Ggle Lunch March 5, 2015 Padlet, Education on Air.

Chuck discusses how advisory can use Padlet in an anonymous way.  This can give students the freedom to discuss a topic that may be sensitive.  Chuck talks about the simplicity of using Padlet as a sounding board for ideas.  John chimes in that using incognito and Gdocs can work.  Chuck talks about Education on Air, an educational conference that will be totally online.

Ggle Lunch March 4, 2015 Google+ Dead?, Search All G Docs.

Chuck talks about the fact that you can podcast #thelunch.  Is Google+ Dead?  Different products are being taken out of Google + and Pocket Lint wrote an article on the topic. Photos and Streams will be used separately.  Chuck talks about he uses Google+ solely as a professional link. John uses Google+ more personally and likes the photo option as a backup.  John talks about how Google is going to start a wifi service.  John’s teacher tip is that Docs, Sites, and sheets have their own url.  John explains how you can now search any publically available doc by writing in the search bar.   

Ggle Lunch March 2, 2015 Hong Kong, I.B., N.B.A. and Oculus Rift, Deep Learning Conference.


Liz joins #thelunch from Hong Kong and talks about her excitement in trying out AR Oculus Rift glasses.  John talks about how the NBA and Oculus Rift are getting together to give a new viewing experience.  The Deep Learning Conference is happening in the upcoming months.  Liz talks about the I.B. conference that she is currently attending.  

Ggle Lunch Feb. 26, 2015 SST Tech Summit, Google Grows

March 16th is the SST Tech Summit in Singapore will be going off.  Chuck talks about how Google is becoming larger in Mountain View, CA.  and there is a struggle between the town and Google.  This has been brought up in an article in the N.Y. Times.  

Ggle Lunch Feb. 25, 2015 YouTube for Kids, Vine Kids, Neo-unschooling

Today, #thelunch is starting with the Walker minute.  Walker reviewed the YouTube Kids app.  Walker likes sound effects, the choice of videos, and fast loading. There are albums that has groups of songs.  Walker says he would go to this before the regular YouTube account.  Chuck talks about the parental controls like time limits and search possibilities.  Other options for kids are Vine Kids.    John brings in the idea of Neo-unschooling with the article about Hackerspaces and Homeschooling.

Ggle Lunch Feb. 24, 2015 Google Science Fair, Youtube For Kids.

Ggle Lunch Feb. 24, 2015 Google Science Fair, Youtube For Kids.

John is on a remote location three floors below where Chuck is producing the show.  Chuck talks about the Google Science Fair.  The awards for the winners are unique.  And the possibilities for the topics are wide-reaching. John talks about the new YouTube app for kids, built from the ground up just for kids.


Ggle Lunch Feb. 23, 2015 Led Zeppelin, Louisville Leopard Percussionists, Chinese New Year, Google Docs, Edtech Bytes with Bormann.

Led Zeppelin makes its debut on #thelunch with the Louisville Leopard Percussionists.   Chuck and John wishes everyone a happy Chinese New Year.  Chuck talks about the history of the red envelopes during the new year.  Chuck talks about using a Google Doc in his advisory class on a topic about flushing and how it can be enriched with links and such.  John talks about how to make a copy of a Google doc without stealing the whole thing.  Thanks to Edtech Bytes with Bormann for his blog.