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Ggle Lunch Jan. 21, 2016 Newsela, Google Art Project, Khan Academy, Pixar in a Box.

Chuck and Chip chat about Cuban Dominos.  Chuck wonders what’s new in the library and how kids can find some of the latest tools.  Chip talks about Newsela.  This is  website that allows students to read current affairs articles that are matched to their reading levels.  It also gives you quizzes that are differentiated to that reading level.  Chuck gets on his soapbox about opening up a classroom to others in the world.  John g(Math) McGowan joins #thelunch.  Chuck continues with Dan Little’s Google map that shows other classes that would like to do hangouts. The Google Art Project is another way for students to get out of their class without leaving their seat.   Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has an article about how students can take virtual field trips.  Finally, Chuck brings up Khan Academy and their expansion into Pixar in a Box.  Chip converses about how it is the ability to access information that is changing the world so quickly.

Ggle Lunch introduces Chip Philips Jan. 14, 2015

Today, finally, Ggle lunch comes back online with Chuck Pawlik and Chip Phillips.  With a salute to John McGowan and g(Math), Chuck introduces his longtime friend Chip to the world of #thelunch.  Chuck continues with the talk about core77 and the best product gif’s of 2015.  The discussion on gif’s looks at their evolution from cute (kitten and puppies gif’s) to product gif’s and how useful this media can be.  

Ggle Lunch March 17, 2015 PLN, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Google+, Circles, Feedly

Kyle Fitzgibbons joins #the lunch with a question, “How do I develop a PLN”. Chuck and John talk about how Twitter can can be a starting place. Tools like tweetdeck can help a person sort out all the information. Backchanneling can be executed with Twitter and other apps like TodaysMeet. Chuck then shows Kyle how to use Google+ and he explains how to share a circle. Kyle talks about how he uses feedly and YouTube for information. The discussion turns to how the PLN can help one professionally.

Ggle Lunch March 16, 2015 Anna Atkins, Oculus Rift, VR, Samsung

Chuck talks about the Google Doodle for the day that honors Anna Atkins.  She is believed to be one of the first women photographer.  Her cyanotypes became part of her first book.  Chuck changes gears and talks about the Horizon Report and their prediction about virtual reality in classrooms.  But how will VR be used within the classroom?  Chuck discusses how Oculus VR and a Samsung phone have gotten together to create games that can be used on this platform.  This information comes from the Game Developers Conference.

Ggle Lunch March 10, 2015 Multiculturalism, Common Sense Media, “Teach Them to See”,

Chuck gets multicultural with his greetings.  He uses Google translate to help.  John talks about how easy it is in Google+ to help in translating.  Chuck talks about Common Sense Media.  It is a great place for parents to understand the problems and solutions in digital citizenship.  There is a scope and sequence for digital citizenship k-12 within the Common Sense Media website.  But from all this Common Sense Media has 10 Beliefs.  The quote that Chuck highlights is “ we can’t cover their eyes, but we can teach them to see.”  

Ggle Lunch March 9, 2015 Google Translate, Senator Lindsey Graham, Gofundme, Poverty in Silicon Valley.

Chuck says hello in Albanian.  Google translate helped.  John talks about Senator Lindsey Graham’s statement that he has never sent an email.  Senator Graham is on the Senate subcommittee for privacy, technology, and the law. It has also come to light that Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security Secretary has not sent an email either.  Both John and Chuck wonder how can people in such powerful positions not be well-versed in digital knowledge.  John discusses how gofundme is helping Sofia go to Duke for a summer program.  They discuss the power of the PLN.  John brings up an article on CNN about poverty in Silicon Valley.  Chuck talks about how teaching outside the classroom walls is now mainstream.

Ggle Lunch March 5, 2015 Padlet, Education on Air.

Chuck discusses how advisory can use Padlet in an anonymous way.  This can give students the freedom to discuss a topic that may be sensitive.  Chuck talks about the simplicity of using Padlet as a sounding board for ideas.  John chimes in that using incognito and Gdocs can work.  Chuck talks about Education on Air, an educational conference that will be totally online.