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Ggle Lunch Jan. 21, 2016 Newsela, Google Art Project, Khan Academy, Pixar in a Box.

Chuck and Chip chat about Cuban Dominos.  Chuck wonders what’s new in the library and how kids can find some of the latest tools.  Chip talks about Newsela.  This is  website that allows students to read current affairs articles that are matched to their reading levels.  It also gives you quizzes that are differentiated to that reading level.  Chuck gets on his soapbox about opening up a classroom to others in the world.  John g(Math) McGowan joins #thelunch.  Chuck continues with Dan Little’s Google map that shows other classes that would like to do hangouts. The Google Art Project is another way for students to get out of their class without leaving their seat.   Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has an article about how students can take virtual field trips.  Finally, Chuck brings up Khan Academy and their expansion into Pixar in a Box.  Chip converses about how it is the ability to access information that is changing the world so quickly.

Ggle Lunch Nov. 17, 2014 Easter Eggs, Binge Learning, NWEA, Khan Academy, Jeff Plaman, and Zerg Rush.

It is Easter egg week as Chuck explains what they are.  John discusses binge learning. And Chuck adds that how NWEA’s, MAP scores, and Khan Academy are getting together to help students with the work they did not understand.  Jeff Plaman’s trick makes it to #thelunch.  John shows it off; shift, command, control, 4 puts the screenshot directly onto your clipboard which makes it easier to upload to wherever you will use it.  Chucks Easter egg is typing “do a barrel roll” into the search bar.  John’s Easter egg is to type in Zerg Rush and the game appears.